As well as running a number of industry events across Ireland and the UK, we also attend animation events, festivals and conferences, and you can often see us with a stand or holding our own small event within the festival.

For example at Manchester Animation Festival in 2019 we had a stand in the ‘market’ area and organised a Toon Boom Harmony Masterclass, taught by Adam Oliver.

2020 has been a bit thin for events due to the lockdown, but we have still been busy online.
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Recent events

The Art and Process of Storyboarding with ToonBoom Storyboard Pro and Wacom Cintiq

Time: 5 PM
Online Webinar

Technical Direction in Harmony training course

24th June – 23rd July 2020 Online course.

Harmony Animation training course

18th May – 1st June 2020 Online course.

Harmony Rigging training course

18th May – 1st June 2020 Online course.

Framing the Globe

12th December 2019, Cardiff

In partnership with Creative Europe Desk and the British Animation Awards

Manchester Animation Festival 2019

ToonBoom Harmony Masterclass with Adam Oliver

Twitch TV

Watch out for regular webinars and masterclasses online at the Toon Boom Twitch TV Channel