ToonBoom : Technical Direction

February 5 – 16, 2024

Screenskills, Toon Boom Partner, Animation Associates

Tailored for technically inclined artists with a deep understanding of animation, compositing, and
rigging in Harmony, this course propels you into the role of a technical director. Learn to
analyze, plan, and optimize production workflows, troubleshoot scenes, and develop new
scripts. Prerequisites include prior Harmony workflow experience or completion of advanced

This course is intended for technically inclined artists who already have a deep understanding of
animation, compositing, and rigging in Harmony and are interested in taking the next steps to
become technical directors in productions using Toon Boom technology.
The course will be taught as 10 x 3.5 hour sessions over a two week period.

Who Should Attend?

These courses are designed for individuals in or aspiring to join the animation industry, offering technical knowledge essential for excelling in the field. The courses are not open to students or individuals in full time education.

Application Information:

Deadline for Technical Direction: January 5, 2024. Successful applicants notified by January 12, 2024

How to Apply:

Apply via the online form here

Supported by:

This training initiative is supported by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund, with contributions from UK animation productions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your animation prowess! All training materials and software licenses will be provided although you are required to provide your own computer suitable for running Harmony, a good internet connection and ideally a graphics tablet or display.  Apply now and step into a future filled with endless animation possibilities.

These courses are provided at no charge to the trainee and have been funded by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills fund with contributions from UK animation productions. The courses would normally cost £800 to attend, so please be sure you can commit the time to attend the courses in full, otherwise ScreenSkills may request reimbursement.

As part of ScreenSkills commitment to making the animation industry a good sector to work in, we ask successful applicants to complete three e-learning modules designed to give everyone in the screen industries (film, television, animation, visual effects and games) tools to help create a better, more welcoming and inclusive place to work.  

The modules are designed to be useful to all, regardless of job role, career stage or position.

We urge everyone to complete the series as part of a collective industry effort to make a difference in the areas they address – addressing unconscious bias, tackling harassment and bullying at work and developing mental health awareness.

Information about these modules are here