Harmony 22 – Creating worlds of 2D animation

Harmony is the industry’s leading 2D animation software.

You can design, draw, animate, rig, composite, create special effects and render all in one amazing tool.

Harmony brings the latest in digital drawing sensitivity to its brushes — every marking, every style, every texture you want to create. Rulers, guides, colour control & features as well as innovative deformers enrich your animation, bringing your imagination to life.

Create art and motion in every style with one powerful end-to-end animation software. Whether you prefer paperless hand drawn or cut-out and rigged animation, Harmony 20 is helping to set the trends for award winning animation that is hitting the market by storm. The latest in lighting, shading, special effects and others give more life to your features and series. Advanced rigging and master controller functionality support creative expression, while saving time and money!

The largest animation and gaming studios from around the world choose Harmony to produce the highest quality animation, setting the standard for creative storytelling. Our all in one, end to end 2D animation software allows animators to create cut-out and paperless animation in every style.

For further information, a demo, or studio pricing please contact us.

Main features:

  • Most advanced brush engine
  • Defined colour pallets and painting
  • Unlimited traditional paperless animation
  • Innovative cut-out animation and rigging
  • 2D/3D integration for limitless possibilities
  • Deformers for even more textures and depth realism
  • Special effects and compositing
  • Pipeline integration for seamless end-to-end animation – all in one tool

Harmony is available in three versions

Each has differing progressive features and price points based on the number of advanced features:

Harmony 22 Essentials

Harmony Essentials

This is an introductory edition for students and enthusiasts which provides the fundamental drawing, painting, and animation tools needed to create outstanding animation.

Harmony 22 Advanced

Harmony Advanced

An advanced edition for freelancers, studios and other creatives. This version is designed for full traditional, paperless style animation. Also includes support for simple cut-out style animation.

Harmony 22 Premium

Harmony Premium

Complete professional edition for studios, small creative businesses, freelancers and schools working on the most demanding projects. Premium adds ability to create sophisticated cut-out rigs, very natural and realistic character movement plus unlimited special effects for any style of animation.

Toon Boom also has a server version of Harmony Premium and Advanced for studios with large teams and a multi user environment who wish to manage their assets in a powerful database and need batch processing functionality. Please contact us for further details.

Benefits of Harmony:

  • Unlimited creative freedom on your terms
  • Flexibility, functionality and sensitivity of tools allows you to create with the highest quality
  • All-in-one tool for efficient animation – from drawing to final production
  • Cost and time savings
  • Friendly team behind the software and services; we are reachable – speak with our team live.
  • Value; while we do not have the lowest prices, we do ensure the highest quality ensuring the integrity of your artistic expression
  • Chosen by the leading animation studios worldwide who are setting the industry standard, for over 25 years
  • We don’t say we are the best, our award winning 2D animation technology has the awards to prove it
  • Our community and network makes us unique; we were built for animation professionals and we intend to stay that way

For further information, a demo, or studio pricing please contact us.